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School Health

Oklahoma Union Health Services Program




It is the goal of the School Health Program to assist students in maintaining and improving their current state of health and to teach them to make informed choices.


  • Administration of Prescription Medications

It is the policy of Oklahoma Union Schools to not administer prescription medications at school unless it is determined necessary by the parent, physician, and school nurse. If it is determined to be necessary the medication must accompany:


    1. A written Dr’s. Order must be obtained.
    2. Written consent from parent must be obtained.
    3. The medication must be brought to school in the original prescription bottle properly labeled with a current date by a registered pharmacist as prescribed by law.
    4. The medication must have been administered at home at least once to reduce the risk of a reaction at school.
    5. New physician orders and parent permission signatures and a newly labeled pharmacy container should accompany any changes in type of drugs, dosage and/or time of administration


It is the policy of the Oklahoma Union Schools that inhalers and epipens may be carried on the MS/HS students with written consent by the parent. Elementary students inhalers and/ epipens will be kept in nurses office, however, elementary students may carry inhalers and/or epipens in their back backs on buses.

  • Immunizations:


No minor child shall be admitted to any public, private, or parochial school operative in Oklahoma unless the parent or guardian can present to the appropriate school authorities certification from a licensed physician or public health authority that such child has received or is in the process of receiving the immunizations required for school entry, or is likely to be immune as a result of having had the disease.  This means parents or guardians must present an immunization record for each child listing the vaccines the child has received, or an exemption, before the child is allowed to attend school.

Transfer Students:

Any student transferring to a school within Oklahoma must present acceptable evidence of immunization to the receiving school or have an exemption on file.  No grace period is allowed for the parents of transfer students to present records with the exception of children who are in the household of an active duty member of the military.  Oklahoma Union School will allow 30 days from the date of enrollment for military students to obtain any immunization required in Oklahoma.

Lost or Unavailable Immunization Records:

If parents cannot locate their child’s immunization record and the record is not in OSIIS (Oklahoma State Immunization Information System) the parents should contact the clinic where the immunizations were given, the child’s previous school, and/or the immunization registry in the state or city where the child previously resided to obtain a copy of the record.  With record in hand, the child can then be admitted to Oklahoma Union School as “in the process” of receiving the required vaccines.

Children in School Prior to Kindergarten:

Children are not past due for a vaccine until they pass the oldest recommended age for a vaccine.

Meningitis Information:

Oklahoma Union School will provide information about the health risk of meningococcal meningitis to parents and guardians of students as required by Senate Bill 1467.


Oklahoma Union School District will adhere to the guidelines indicated in the most recent School Administrator’s Guide to Immunizations.


  • Diabetes Management:

Oklahoma Union School will develop/maintain an individual diabetes medical management plan for each child with diabetes.  School personnel who have direct contact with the student shall be made aware of the diabetic management plan.  Each student shall be allowed privacy to carry out necessary procedure to manage their diabetes.  School personnel shall be trained yearly in diabetes management. 


  • Allergies:

Food Allergy:  Oklahoma Union School will serve students what is on the school menu, without substitutions, unless parents/guardians provide the Medical Statement form requesting special food in Child Nutrition Programs to the school nurse.  The form must be signed by a physician in order to receive food substitutions.  The form is available from the school nurse.


Staff will be trained in the use of epipens and notified of students who have an epipen.


  • Seizures:

Oklahoma Union staff will be provided seizure training annually.


  • Communicable Diseases:

Oklahoma Union School will follow the guidelines provided by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.


  • Vision Screening:
  • Oklahoma Union will provide approved basic vision screening to each student enrolled in kindergarten, first, or third grade through Prevent Blindness. If they do not participate in the provided screenings, parents of students enrolled in kindergarten, first, or third grade shall provide certification to school personnel that the student passed a vision screening within the previous twelve months or during the school year. Such screening shall be conducted by personnel listed on the statewide registry as maintained by the State Department of Health.  Oklahoma Union shall notify parents/guardians of students who enroll in kindergarten, first, or third grade of the vision requirements.


  • Bullying Prevention Education:

Oklahoma Union School will provide Bullying Prevention Education to students and staff.  The Elementary Counselor will use Steps to Respect Curriculum during guidance lessons.  Information will be placed in the Elementary cafeteria for parents, teachers, and students.  Elementary staff will receive training on the 3R’s, 4A Response, bullying definition, and the site reporting procedures.



  • Accidents, Emergencies and Disasters

The Superintendent, all building principals, and/or the school nurse will be notified immediately of any present or threatened accidents, emergencies, or disasters. First Aid will be given according to the Oklahoma Emergency Guidelines for Schools manual, which is kept in the School Nurses Office.  Designated school officials whenever deemed necessary will initiate the Oklahoma Union School disaster plan. 911 will be used to call for emergency assistance.


  • Oklahoma School Security Institute:

Oklahoma Union School will place OSSI Tip line posters, as provided by the OSDE, in prominent places around the school for parents, stakeholders, and student view.  The posters will include a website and toll free number for reporting activity that may compromise school safety.


  • Reporting Child Abuse/Neglect

Staff will be trained annually regarding the types, signs, and symptoms of abuse and neglect as well as the reporting procedures. Any suspected abuse/neglect will immediately be reported to the OKDHS Hotline at 1-800-522-3511. The building principal and/or site counselor may be notified of any suspected child abuse or neglect.


  • AIDS Prevention Education Plan

AIDS education shall consist of the discussion of the disease and its spread and prevention. It will be taught once from the seventh through ninth grades; and once in the tenth through twelfth grades.


It will specifically teach that:

    1. Engaging in homosexual activity, promiscuous sexual activity, intravenous drug use or contact with contaminated blood products is now known to be primarily responsible for contact with the AIDS virus.
    2. Avoiding the activities previously specified is the only method of preventing the spread of the virus.
    3. Sexual intercourse, with or without condoms, with any person testing positive for human immunodeficiency virus antibodies, or any other person infected with HIV, places that individual in a high-risk category for developing AIDS.   Abstinence from sexual activity is the only certain means for the prevention of the spread or contraction of the AIDS virus and artificial means of birth control are not a certain means of preventing the spread of the AIDS virus.


All materials used for AIDS education will be made available to parents/guardians for viewing and a presentation will be made available during weekend or evening hours at least one month before AIDS education is to be presented.  No student shall be required to participate if a parent or guardian of the student objects in writing.


  • Hygiene/Puberty Lessons for 3rd – 5th Grades:

Lessons will be taught to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades at least once a year.  Boys and girls will be in separate classrooms.  A male certified staff member(s) will provide instruction to the boys and a certified female staff member(s) will provide instruction to the girls.  All materials used for these lessons will be made available to parents for viewing before lessons are given.  No student shall be required to participate if a parent/guardian of the student objects in writing.


  • Tobacco Prevention:

Oklahoma Union School is a 24/7 Tobacco Free Campus.  This includes all vapor products.  All campuses will recognize Red Ribbon Week, where tobacco prevention lessons and/or activities will take place.


  • Students Under the Influence:

Any teacher who suspects a student to be under the influence of non-intoxicating substances, alcoholic beverages, or controlled dangerous substances should report that student to the building principal.

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