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Disaster Procedures-Emergency

October 18, 2017



Emergency Plan

Procedures Guide



Teacher ____________________


Room Number _______________





Central Administration


The Superintendent will make decisions that affect the district.



Kevin Stacy

School   1-918-255-6550

Cell        1-918-273-8087


In the absence of the superintendent, contact one of the following people for decision-making purposes:

Call the person specific to the particular building or activity.


Central Administration



Title/Name                         School               Home                   Cell

HS Prin/David Lovelace    255-6551         918-531-2284         620-515-3329     

MS Prin/Dale Wicks          255-6910         918-977-0073         918-977-0073

ES Prin/Brenda Taylor      255-6552         918-255-6347         918-504-1087

Safety/James Penn        918-891-0058      918-891-0058          918-891-0058


After Hours Building Emergency


An after hours emergency is any emergency occurring before or after the regular school day.

Steps of Action

  1. See specific emergency and use those procedures.
  2. Contact 911or appropriate emergency service.                                 
  3. Follow emergency procedures.
  4. If group is present in the building: assign roles as necessary, record names, and administer first aid.
  5. Summarize in writing the events and give to principal.
  6. Within one week following the conclusion of the school’s response to bomb threat, administration shall convene and evaluate how well the team responded and how well response followed policy.




Emergency Communication

Coffeyville Fire & EMS                911

Nowata Ambulance                      918-273-2287

South Coffeyville Ambulance        911

South Coffeyville Fire                   911

Nowata County Sherriff               918-273-2287

Oklahoma Highway Patrol           918-256-3388

Lenapah Fire Department            918-273-2345



Crisis Team Members




          Name                                                            Phone

Kevin Stacy                            Communication Coordinator              1-918-273-8087

Brenda Taylor                         Elementary Coordinator                     1-918-504-1087

Dale Wicks                              Middle School Coordinator                1-918-244-7038

David Lovelace                       High School Coordinator                    1-620-515-3329



Carissa Hallett                         Elementary Facilitator (3-5)               1-918-520-3106

Tenae Dick                              Elementary Facilitator (PK-2)            1-918-273-8080

Christy Lively                         Middle School Facilitator                   1-620-252-8886

Rusty Sellars                           High School Facilitator                       1-918-467-4094


Sherry Hall                              High School Hall Monitor                  1-918-520-0183

Angela Handke                       Middle School Hall Monitor              1-918-559-9982

Karrie Griffey                         High School Hall                                1-620-515-0933

Sean Gillespie                         Elementary Hall Monitor (3-5)           1-918-533-0881

Sandra Hallett                         Elementary Hall Monitor (PK-2)        1-918-467-0130


Tami Harris                             Counselor Elementary                        1-918-214-6057

Becky Pruett                           Counselor High/Middle                      1-580-821-0658


Katie McKinnon                      Health Professional                           1-918-231-5010




Student Runaway/Abduction

Steps of Action
  1. Notify Principal.
  2. Contact Parents.
  3. Follow student if it seems appropriate (student runaway)
  4. Have picture of child in office with description of clothing worn.
  5. Notify classroom teacher.



Personnel Roles:

Principal:          Follow student if appropriate (student runaway)



    Secretary:         Notify emergency services and parents.


    Teacher:           Notify office and stay with class.



Abduction or Suspected Abduction

  1. Request I.D. and information concerning removal.
  2. DO NOT try to physically detain or put yourself or others in risk.
  3. Notify office immediately including: Description of the situation.
  4. Principal investigates and determines action.




Fire alarm is a series of long rings or blasts of a whistle

Steps of Action


  1. Take class lists of students.
  2. Teacher will double-check room to insure total evacuation and shut door to help contain fire.
  3. Teachers will lead Students out the nearest door/exit and escort at least 50 yards from school.
  4. Restrooms, Hallways, and unoccupied rooms will be checked by the building Principals or designated employee.
  5. Teachers will take roll and remain with students.  










Tornado watch and warnings will be monitored by the School office

Warnings will be a series of short rings of the bell or a series of short blasts of a whistle.




  1. Students should proceed to their designated areas following route as instructed by the teacher.
  2. Teachers are to close classroom doors.
  3. Teachers should keep their class rosters with them and follow behind their classes to be sure students are following the drill procedure and to verify student count.
  4. Wait for the clear signal before returning to the classroom.
  5. School buses will not be loaded in the event of threatening weather at dismissal time.
  6. Building Principals will check to make sure all personnel are in the Tornado Shelters.
  7. Superintendent or designated staff will check all out buildings (bus barn, field houses) and verify no staff or students are present.
  8. School buses will not be loaded in case of a tornado warning at dismissal time. (If warning is issued after leaving school return to school if possible and get students into tornado shelters. If approaching tornado, unload students in the safest location and notify school of location.)
  9. Leaders of afterschool activities should become familiar with evacuation protocol and location of safe rooms.








The goal is to maintain calm and order and not disrupt the classroom any more than necessary. Students will not be alerted unless necessary.


Authorized visitors must wear a visitor’s badge. Staff is to stop any stranger and inquire as to his/her business in the building. Escort all visitors to check in with office.



Steps of Action

  1. Give signal and call police. When calling, advise if there is a weapon. Try to give a description and last known location of the person by noting clothing, gender, race, etc.
  2. Teachers lock classroom doors and turn off lights immediately.
  3. Once doors are locked no one else is to enter room (you do not know who the intruder may be)
  4. Position students where they are not visible if possible.
  5. After assessing situation-may be able to escape danger through outside exit. (classroom window)
  6. Provide students with what information you have available. (parents will be calling and it is better to have accurate information provided)


Principal:   Announce the warning signal. If necessary help

                  evacuate students. Ensure all doors are locked.


Secretary:  Call the Police. Notify other buildings on campus and outside classes.


Teachers:   Stay with and protect students, provide first aid,

                   and take roll. Lock room doors.   






The goal is to maintain calm and order and not disrupt the classroom any more than necessary. Students will not be alerted unless necessary.


“We have a lockdown situation”


Steps of Action

  1. Give Signal and call 911 if necessary.
  2. Secure outside entrances.
  3. Teachers lock classrooms and position students in a safe location. (ideally not visible from outside)
  4. Principal should try to find out details of event.
  5. Provide accurate information to staff and students. (People will be calling)



Principal:   Announce the warning signal. If necessary help                         evacuate students. Ensure all doors are locked.


Secretary:   Notify other buildings and classes on campus.


Teachers:   Stay with and protect students. Take roll so                                accurate information can be provided if needed.

                   Lock room doors.   










Continuous ringing of bell or whistle

(Evacuate buildings as you would for fire drill)




  1. If phone threat is received by phone, obtain as many details as possible by using the check list below. Try to keep the caller talking. Do not hang up phone after conversation ends even if the caller hangs up. This will make tracing call easier. If threat is received in written form, handle the note as little as possible and take pictures if on surface of wall or object.
  2. Notify principal or designee as soon as possible.
  3. Notify local authorities. (Police, fire department)
  4. Evaluate the credibility of the threat.
  5. Evacuate and search the building if advised.
  6. Unauthorized personnel SHOULD NOT search or disturb items.




  1. When is the bomb going to explode? ___________________
  2. Where is it right now?_______________________________
  3. What does it look like?______________________________
  4. What kind of bomb is it?_____________________________
  5. What will cause it to explode?_________________________
  6. Did you place the bomb?_____________________________
  7. Why?____________________________________________
  8. What is your name?_________________________________
  9. What is your address?_______________________________


Caller’s  Male/Female  Age____ Race____ Length of Call____




Following Bomb Threat


  1. Investigate in conjunction with law enforcement.
  2. Discipline any student involved in making of bomb threat according to Oklahoma Union schools discipline policy. This will be in addition to any penalty imposed by law.
  3. Oklahoma Union Public schools reserves the right to bring suit against anyone responsible for a bomb threat and to seek restitution and other damages permitted by law.
  4. Any school time lost as a result of a bomb threat shall be made up on days and times determined by the school board.
  5. Administration should evaluate the effect of the bomb threat on student population and determine if counseling should be offered.
  6. Within one week following the conclusion of the school’s response to bomb threat, administration shall convene and evaluate how well the team responded and how well response followed policy.


Communication with the Public


  1. Superintendent/Principal shall notify parents via school reach phone call and face book page of bomb threat details.
  2. All media questions should be referred to Superintendent or law officials.
  3. If school is dismissed as a result of bomb threat, administration should follow general school procedures for notification of parents.





It is possible during an emergency students will need to be transported away from the school. District should identify safe location for pickup of students. (Choice of preselected sites when possible)




  1. Building administrator notify transportation director of emergency transportation.
  2. School employees certified to drive bus should report to bus barn.
  3. Transportation director assign staff to buses and provide information on location of offsite pickup.
  4. Secretaries begin notifying parents of location to pick up students
  5. Teachers will be given instructions for exiting the buildings. (exit side could be affected by location of emergency)
  6. Remaining staff monitor students until loaded on buses and at least 2 staff members board each bus to help with student monitoring




Weapons on School Property


The goal is to maintain calm and order and not disrupt the classroom any more than necessary. Students will not be alerted unless necessary.







  1. Announce IOC is on campus
  2. Call 911
  3. Determine if reasonable suspicion exits to search for a weapon (car, locker, or anywhere on school property)
  4. If weapon is found, isolate the area and do not touch the weapon. Police will secure it for evidence.



Principal:   Announce the warning signal. If necessary help

                   evacuate students. Ensure all doors are locked.


Secretary:  Call the Police. Notify other buildings on campus.


Teachers:   Stay with and protect students and take roll. Lock

                   room doors.   




Medical Emergency/Casualties




  1. Notify office/administrator immediately.
  2. Notify school nurse and call 911.
  3. Provide emergency responders with accurate details.
  4. Staff trained in First Aid/ CPR should respond to area and provide assistance until emergency personal arrive. ( treat wound, administer Epi pen)
  5. Assign an individual to meet and escort the emergency medical responders to the scene.
  6. Notify the parent/guardian.
  7. Accompany the student/staff to hospital if needed.




Principal:   Report to scene. Secure and isolate area. Have

trained staff respond to area to assist and assign       individual to meet emergency responders and escort to scene.


Secretary:  Call the Police, notify school nurse, notify



Teachers:   Notify administration office and stay with

student/staff until trained personnel arrive at    scene.   




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